12 Flats Traditional Style (Cotswolds)


12 Flats North Leach 1


12 Flats North Leach 2


12 New dwellings built in traditional style within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Cotswold


Formerly an ugly garage site on the edge of the small town and situated in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the opposite side of the road from a fine listed Cotswold building, this site was a challenging site to redevelop. Not only were there important design issues but also ground contamination to overcome and also the problem of desiccated ground on the foundation design due to a row of adjacent trees.


‘Ralph Guilor Architects’ worked together with retained developer clients to evaluate the planning potential for this site and establish the resulting land values prior to purchase.


Taking its design cue from a typical local gentleman substantial farmhouses with associated outbuildings, this scheme provides a mixture of flats and individual houses while presenting itself as an attractive natural stone built traditional farmhouse and dovecote, the “dovecote being located tight onto the rear of the pavement to provide an dominant architectural feature on this cross road.


Parking is located out of view at the rear of the building, the remainder of the site being laid to well landscaped garden and amenity spaces.


Client – Langdale Western Ltd, Wroughton.


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