Our intentions are to delivering architects’ services to our private and developer clients in an accessible, easy-to-use, customer friendly format. You can use the skills and services of our architects practise as much or as little as you want.

To get your project off the ground you will need an initial visit; thereafter we will propose your next steps via a menu of further architectural services.

The service has been designed so that you can select those services that suit your budget and your project. You may choose to use us across every aspect of the project or just simply for ideas and advice.

Tel: 01242 260922


Initial visit:


The process starts with an initial visit. After the opening discussion to establish your requirements, we will produce sketched design options, working with you and your aspirations expanding on these with our design and building expertise.
This collaborative process aims to give you an agreed proposal. These drawings can form the basis of early discussions with planners, neighbours and builders.



Further services for private clients:


At the end of your initial visit, we will discuss the next steps with you, selected from the services menu and in each case we will give you an idea of the likely costs/hours involved. These will then be confirmed and sent to you in an itemised list of costed services for you to consider and choose from.





Throughout the process of your project you will probably need to discuss the progress of works, prices, the design development or any other queries you may have with us, this can be done either by email, over the telephone or at a meeting. Similarly you may want us to attend a meeting with you, the local planning department or and your contractor, or other consultant.

Further design consultation:


We can then can help you to further develop your outline level design, investigate related issues regarding the design of your project and its detailing.





To enable the preparation of accurate drawings of your proposals, it is necessary to have drawings of the existing building and/or site prepared. For some projects precision is vital at an early stage, for others, less so. We can advise you on what is suitable for your project.

Scheme level drawings:


In simple terms, the more information you have on your drawings the more control you will have over your project. Complex buildings need a great deal of detail, whereas simple projects can get by with less. Scheme level drawings provide the backbone of what is needed for most projects and we will be able to advise you on what is required for your particular project.

Statutory consent applications:


Statutory consents are the permissions you require in order to carry out the changes you wish to make to your property. We can submit applications the relevant consents for your project, from permitted development applications to planning applications, listed building consents, conservation area consents and building regulations applications.



Detail level drawings:


The more detail that you have in the way of drawings and information, the more control you will have over your project both in terms of quality and budget. We will be able to advise you on the best level of detail for your project where appropriate.



Contract and onsite works:


Throughout the whole process from concept to finished project, we will be there to help as much or as little as you want administering the whole contract for you or just attending a few meetings to check on progress. We will be able to help you decide which level of service would be suitable for your project and budget.



Finishing touches:


We can help you with any part of the building process that you feel would benefit you from a professional opinion, all the way down to sourcing furniture and helping you to choose your kitchen taps, sourcing of materials and finishes, furniture and fittings as well as kitchen and bathroom design and lighting design.



Further services for developer clients:


We have worked for many years for developer clients primarily at the front end of projects achieving planning consents on brownfield sites, listed buildings or in conservation areas maximising value by design and our knowledge of building value and liaising closely with the planning authority and their consultees.

We understand that the developer may have his own in house team to take the project further following the grant of planning consent and are happy to work in an advisory capacity in this regard. Similarly we understand that in joint ventures one party may have other consultants they wish to retain and again we are happy to work in an advisory role with such professionals.
For our developer clients we can therefore offer the following services -

  • Site appraisals in terms of planning potential, enabling development for listed buildings, density levels and square footages, use classes that should be achieved and assess potential site values.
  • We can submit applications the relevant consents for your project, from planning applications, listed building consents, conservation area consents and building regulations applications.
  • Act in advisory capacity on your behalf in regard to the above, working with other consultants and reporting to you independently and directly on design, site maximisation and town planning matters.
  • We can also provide the normal architect’s services to complete your development.

We welcome any questions, or Telephone Ralph on 01242 260922 or mob 07792904746.