8 Contemporary Flats (Cheltenham)


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Redevelopment of former petrol station to create contemporary flats in the heart of Regency, Cheltenham


Formerly a petrol filling station site which had been granted planning approval for five flats, Ralph Guilor Architects were appointed to create a more contemporary development and the improve the planning approval.


The site is located adjacent to a row of 1970 detached houses and a modern office block complex – opposite is a Regency terrace of fine buildings.


Negotiations were held with the local planning officers and conservation team, where it was proposed to create a “stand alone” individual building which could also act as a catalyst to encourage the future development of adjacent land to more appropriate architectural style and mass. Not only was this site’s planning potential evaluated but also that of the adjacent land, resulting in the creation of a contemporary villa to each side of which further villas or terrace could be added in the years to come.


The earlier planning approval for five flats was improved to ten flats with underground parking and landscaped gardens.


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