Eco House (Gloucestershire)


Hartley House 1

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Designed for an individual private client, this contemporary house complements its open setting in a rural location of the Cotswolds, ‘an area of outstanding natural beauty’ whilst also embracing the latest Eco-efficient technologies, makeing the house as self-sufficient as possible.

The dwelling was designed to incorporate ground source heating, air handling with heat exchanging facilities, photo – electric panels and LED lighting systems, grass roof technology (to reduce heat loss and storm water discharg), and grey water storage (included into the recycling facilities of the overall design).


Following the proposed sale of Hartley House through estate agents ‘Knight Frank‘ in Cheltenham, Ralph Guilor Architects are pleased to announce that we have received enquiries on a number of new contemporary and eco efficient housing projects in Gloucestershire. This appears to be an area of increasing interest to the public.

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