Private House (Montpellier Cheltenham)


Private House – Montpellier (Cheltenham)



Located in the centre of the local conservation area and with historic buildings adjacent on three boundaries, this site formerly comprised a small orchard of apple trees and part of the garden of the adjacent Regency villa.


The site had no great depth but did have a good wide frontage. Since it was not possible to create a formal front and rear garden, it was proposed to create a house located centrally within the site and designed with the footprint of a cross which in turn formed four courtyards. Each courtyard was then designed with a different characteristic to reflect the accommodation that opened out into it – an entrance courtyard, a children garden with play areas, a quiet shaded courtyard, and a kitchen courtyard garden.


The scale of the dwelling reflected those buildings surrounding the site ensuring that the new dwelling sat quietly within the streetscape and with high boundary walls and fencing all of the courtyards were private and not overlooked. High levels of insulation and triple glazing, and large areas of south facing fenestration generating solar gain were some of the energy saving features incorporated within the design.


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